Thursday, 1 December 2011

Kolaveri Di

The Tangi Tamil+English Song Kolaveri Di became super hit among people of India and overseas. Social Networking site play big role for super success of Kolaveri Di. Kolaveri Di made Dhanush famous over night all over world.

Distance la moon moon. Moon colour white !! The Expression of Dhanush played a big role for super success of this song. The words are so common among people that there is no need to know good English to enjoy Kolaveri Di.

There are so many version of Kolaveri Di on web with different languages. It’s all talk about the Soup Song, the flop song.

Kindlaa Glass

Only English

Hand La Glass

Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di!

So here is link for song just enjoy Kolaveri di !!

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhayay

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