Monday, 12 December 2011

Election In UP

Election in UP is expected to be held in Feb-2012. Political parties have started their homework from long time back to win over UP. UP has major share of Parliament seats sp performance at State election is also shows future of and projection in politics of UP.

SP, BSP, Congress and BJP are main contender for UP election. UP’s politics works on basis of cast from long time. There are no issues from Road, Water and Electricity in UP. The issues are cast and their vote bank.

SP : Samjwadi Party fight election in UP on basis of vote bank from Yadavs. SP’s major vote bank from Yadavs and part from Musalman vote Bank. Yadavs are always loyal to SP but last time equation of other cast disturbed their calculation in UP.

BSP : BSP’s major vote bank come from dalit class of UP. Dalit class is very loyal to BSP as all other parties exploited them many years. In last election BSP got vote from Brahamin and became clear cut winner in UP election.

Congress : Congress is fighting for their foundation in UP from long time. They have not been elected in UP from long time and Rahul Baba is doing his best to Win this battle. Congress has not so strog hold on any cast in UP but yes part of Dalit and Musalman voter are major player of Congress vote Bank

BJP : BJP is party of upper class. Kashtriya and Brahmin are major voter for BJP in UP election but BJP didn’t get chance to elect it’s CM in UP from long time. They got big shock when last time Brahmin voter selected BSP over BJP.

It’s sad to see that UP fights election on basis of Cast. Development has no connection with UP election. The slogans of political party are also based on cast. 20 Crore people want to elect Neta of his cast than Man of Work.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

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