Thursday, 8 December 2011


Dalit !! Dalit !! Dalit !! Dalit !!

If you'll call someone by this word then please ask your lawyer to ready to fight case. I am confused why Dalits don't like when people call them Dalit. Dalit doesn't like to be called Dalit then why they come forward for reservation in name of Dalit.

Dalit is favourite word among Political class of India. In north states like UP and Bihar have major share of Dalit vote bank. Every Political class wants to lure Dalit voter. It's not strange that BSP in UP came in power only due to huge vote bank of Dalit class.

Dalit Class !! Yes ! Dalit has his own class. If a Dalit comes to meet you wearing western outfit then you can't call him Dalit. If you call lad shaheb as Dalit then he'll take it as -ve of respect but the same Dalit is happy to get admission in government colleges in name of


Dar lagata hai Dalit kahena mai jee !!

jaban to kachcha hai jee !!

I am happy to call Dalit with name or word he wants but for that he should not ask for reservation on basis of Dalit as cast.

Ham bolega to bologe ki bolata hai !! But truth can’t hide behind reservation of Ambedkar Colony or making statue of living people to make people fool.

It's time for Dalit to think about them self there are many Dalit in rural India who are even not getting food for two times. Ambedkar Park or statue is not going to help you for development of poor dalit.

Youvraaj stay in your house is not going to help for development of cast neither statues of bahen can help you to move from Poverty line to Ambani line.

So don't care what people call you Dalit or Mr. Brahaman just thinks what needs to be done for overall growth of India.

If only Dalit person can get reservation then let's call poor people Dalit which can help their development.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

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