Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Businessmen want to shift

We all know how a business runs in India. I have very much experience of getting Shop Establishment certificate to getting registered for Vat, Service Tax or Excise. We need to pay bribe at every steps to get license to run our business.

It’s in news that Big Businessmen of India wants to shift their base overseas. I am not at all happy with this News. We need more and more new business for growth of India. We are in place when our GDP is so slow and on other side people want to shift their base.

Everyday changing government policies are more responsible for such thought in mind of business people. There are several business policies that lead to problem in working for Business class of India. Policies are getting change every passing day.

It’s difficult to do business in India as at the time election when you to pay politician for election campaign. There is big cost to be paid to get license other than doing legal paper works.

Kapil Sibal should do some home work to retained our traditional businessmen in India than passing law and rules to censor our Internet so no one can condemn Congress of Sonia or Rahul and Digvijay Should also try to solve the issues of Businessmen then doing politics for reservation for Muslims.

My kamala “Aam aadmi ho ya khash eas sarkar se sabhi pareshan hai”

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

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