Thursday, 29 December 2011

Black Day in Democracy of India

On 27th December 2011 our Lokshabha performed mind blowing. I got respect for all the MPs in Parliament. I thought though it’s Anna effect but finally our Mps are ready to fight with corruption and to make better democracy.

On 27th December 2011 our MPs worked over time to pass Lokapl bill in parliament. In over excitement I declared that a great day in democracy and told that this day should be declared as National Holiday as parliament made great effort to pass Lokpal.

Anna Hazare called his fast before scheduled time due to ill health and poor turn and support from people in Mumbai, who are always busy more to compete with their office colleague to get 3 dimension space in eye of Boss.


Suddenly all respect gone and they are as they were before “Ham Nahi Sudharenge” In Rajya Shabha all MPs played their great role that lokapl should not see light of day. As there were no voting so now bill is gone for back seat for next few month or year not sure.

So Mumbaikar next time please come to Anna Hazare to make our parliament work.

It is not failure of Congress of BJP !

It is failure of Democracy !

I have decided to write something good to end 2011 but our parliament didn’t give me chance for same.

Wish You happy New Year !

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

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