Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Review – Revolution 2020

Gopal a bad student do better with his ambition. Raghav an engineer failed to do anything in life and finally get support from Gopal to make his love and career. Aarti confused girl in regard of her love.

Gopal, Raghav and Aarti childhood friends are started growing slowly gradually. Children start growing their parents think about career of their childrens. Gopal and Raghav are doing their study to get admission in IIT. Raghav got admission in IIT but Gopal failed to do login into Engineer college.

Gopal get connected with one MLA (Shukla Ji). Gopal achieve success after success with bless of Shukl Ji. Raghav don’t want to work as Engineer and go for journalism. I don’t know why Engineers are always confused with their career option. A person waste government money and chance for another student to be Engineer and finally select career option which has no connection with his degree.

Aarti’s best friend is Gopal. Gopal loves Aarti. Aarti loves Raghav and Raghav loves his career. Shukla Ji go jail for scam and his party is not supporting him anymore. Gopal and Aarti had sex two times but still Aarti love Raghav. She now loves Gopal also after having sex with him.

Son finally story get filmy here Gopal loves Aarti and now Aarti also loves Gopal. Gopal wants to be fair so he set plot where Aart catch him having sex with two call girls and she start hating Gopal. Gopal use his influence and get a job for Raghav at Dainik. Raghav and Aarti got marry. Gopal got marry his job.

In end of book it’s seems you are reading story of some Hindi movie. There is love triangle heroine is confused between her love soul mate but she got marry to person to whom she love lesser than other one.

I can say it was good read but nothing new like his earlier books. Earlier movies made based on his book but this it seems Book is based on movie.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhay

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