Friday, 4 November 2011

Letter to PM From Lalkrishna Advani

Dear Weak Prime Minister,

I am very well and hope you are well to in Delhi.

 Khoosh To Bahut HO Ge Tum !! Bina Kisi Mehnat Ke jo Tum Prime Minister Ban Gaye !!

I am doing so much hardwork to become Prime Minister but not getting chance. I am the only person who did so much yatra in his life time. My total hours of experience of Rath Yatra are much more than Krishan and Arjun in Mahabharat.

In our country anything is possible. Jo election ladate hai vo CM bante hai aur Jo nahi ladate vo PM bante hai. You became CM without standing in any election. I failed to be PM despite winning so many times.

Government framed so many policies for Senior Citizen. I am senior citizen and more senior than you but then also you occupy PM sit from last so many years. If you travel in train from Borivali to Churchgate so many times few people get pasted to sit and you are also doing like Train passenger.

I know it’s difficult for you to leave a Sit, which didn’t cost anything to you but I need that sit as I am doing so much hardwork for my Prime Minister dream. I request you to leave my place.

Rath Yatri,

Lalkrishna Advani

Above letter does not have any connection with Real life of Lalkrishna Advani and Prime Minister. Above letter is drafted for entertainment of people. I request not to file any legal suit on me.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

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