Tuesday, 1 November 2011

7th Billion Baby

7th Billiob baby took birth in world.

I am totally confused that we should be Happy to be Sad for this achievement of world.

There are people fighting to claim their Baby on 7th Billion number.

Natural resources are getting short every passing day. There are so many cases of hunger and malnutrition all over world. There are reports that people are killing each other for one time food.

In India Female ratio is getting lower than Male ratio. We are killing girl child. We don’t care about future of Human Being?

Natural resources are very limited in compare of Increasing population. Population is also a natural resource if used properly.

What about unemployment?

What about education?

What about Health?

What about Infrastructure?

There are many issues to be solved to use Human resources and Issues are not so easy to solve so Population is problem.

I am not happy for birth of 7th Billion Baby.

Are you?

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