Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Parliament Holiday

The Parliament is on holiday! Congress wants to debate on all issues so BJP. I am surprised that if Congress and BJP both are ready to debate in Parliament then why there is adjournment after adjournment in parliament.

In last session BJP boycotted Parliament to appoint JPC for probe of 2G scam. I don’t see result of 2G scam from JPC than instrument to bargain on issues with government.

If you are in opposition then you should condemn all the work of Opposition or else you will never come in power. Congress is ready to debate on all issues but BJP has some or other reason to boycott.

People elected BJP candidates to represent them self in parliament but don’t know how BJP leaders are representing view of people without going in Parliament. They are just happy to enjoy extended holiday.

BJP should allow parliament to function. Let’s have healthy debate to put point across people for any new movement introduced. Let’s talk about merits and demerits of new thing coming in from parliament.

Walking out is no solution for people of India !

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

Monday, 28 November 2011


Khoosh to Bahut Hoge Tum to listen that WalMart is coming to India!! There is no need to go foreign to purchase branded product? I am not sure if people will ask for tag Purchased from WalMart USA and purchased from WalMart India!! Public ka kya hai status symbol ke liye koochh bhi kar sakte hai.

Congress has allowed 51% FDI in retail, which will make retail market more competitive. Retail sector is growing in India with help of so many Mall all over big and small city of India. FDI in retail will give people more option to purchase product of their choice.

Survival of Kirana store is big problem as per people who don’t want FDI in retail. I don’t see stupid reason to protest against FDI for such stupid reason. Kirana people don’t pay proper tax. Kirana people don’t give any benefits to their employees. Kirana people only make profit from stocking of food grain to sale on inflated prices.

Big Bazaar is biggest retail out let chain in India. Big Bazaar introduced concept of retail chain in India. Big Bazaar made success in making and creating them self a brand. After entry foreign FDI there are chances that they will encash their brand value.

There should be option to people to choose their product so let’s say yes to FDI.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

Friday, 25 November 2011

Review - Love Chemistry

I read book by Subham Arora “Love Chemistry” And Those little reaction !








Story of school boys !!

Adi is person who just shifted his school. He is trying to get adjust in new atmosphere of school. The book reads all the fun about as school student. Boys have crush on girls. Adi is trying to impress Nupur.

Sex ! Boys also enjoyed Sex. They saw live intercourse between Aniket and his girlfriend and the boring one between two boys also.

Book has very good ending and very nice to read. Do log in to to review more books.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

Saturday, 19 November 2011

UP in 4 Parts

It’s better to be King of hell then being a servant in heaven !!

Every now and then one some political party demand for separate state. The above quote go well with demand of new state as every now and then a political masters want to make one new hell so they can rule the same with their increasing power.

Everyone knows about the President but many people don’t know about the Vice President. So Vice president should demand for new Country so he can be president of the same.

There is no point for asking separate sate just to make it hell and being a King. There are no major development have been seen in last three state made by Government of India.

Politician just wants to increase their power so they ask for new state. They need more number of constituencies to bargain in election hour.

Mayavati proposed 4 parts of UP in name development. It’s not at all surprise to see that she proposed 4parts of UP, when election is due in coming months. Other political party can’t do anything as it can go against them in coming election.

Mayavati has used her TURUP KA EKKA at right time. People wants to see development in UP. UP has population of 20crore. There can be a country in UP with several states so Maya just need 4.

I am very much sure that if there will be 4 part of UP then Mayavati will be ruling one state at time in every election which looks difficult right now in UP due her Ambedkar Park and MANREGA.

Development of UP will solve the migration problem of country but who has guarantee that making 4 states will make UP SUPER POWER. 4 Parts of UP will take much time than Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Aapne Desh Mai Accha Karne Ke Liye Neta Log Jaldi Taiyar Nahi Hote !

Doing Kamal,

Kamal Upadhyay

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Bihar: children die due to encephalitis

Even a entry of Porn Star in Bigg Boss make news and trend on social website but death of children in Bihar due to encephalitis.

We care more for Mumbai as everyone wants share from Mumbai.

Birth of baby in Star family also has value but death of so many poor children is ignored. Encephalitis won’t migrate from Bihar to Mumbai or any other city of India so we don’t care for Encephalitis.

We also won’t care if more children will die in North East India. North East is part of India in map but we don’t care for people and problem of North East.

Let’s come back to Bihar or if you have time then UP. Children die as government failed to take any action. Hanger, Malnutrition and inflation are killing poor people. Government is busy to decide that there should be 4 parts of UP.

We need major reforms for Health.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

Review – RockStar

Oh Eco friendly nature ka rakshak !!

Jo Sach Ka Sabak Sikhaye Vo Sach Sunana Na Chahe !!

“RockStar” much awaited movie of Imtiaz Ali is in cinema hall. Movie has story line of subject which has all flavour for good movie. Love Story, Success, Failure and Villain.

Jordan is person who wants to be Rockstar and wants to show his middle finger to world. Janrdhan is very cute and wants to be Rockstar. He gets in love with a girl, who is going to be married in two months. Break between Janrdhan and Mahi make them realise that they love each other.

Jordan gets much awaited success after roaming here and there for few months. He failed to handle success as he is not getting his love. Jordan get involved in fighting and abuse cases.

1st half of Movie is very good but in 2nd half gets very noise full and slow. Imtiaz must have done more justice with climax.

Songs are very good.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Review – Revolution 2020

Gopal a bad student do better with his ambition. Raghav an engineer failed to do anything in life and finally get support from Gopal to make his love and career. Aarti confused girl in regard of her love.

Gopal, Raghav and Aarti childhood friends are started growing slowly gradually. Children start growing their parents think about career of their childrens. Gopal and Raghav are doing their study to get admission in IIT. Raghav got admission in IIT but Gopal failed to do login into Engineer college.

Gopal get connected with one MLA (Shukla Ji). Gopal achieve success after success with bless of Shukl Ji. Raghav don’t want to work as Engineer and go for journalism. I don’t know why Engineers are always confused with their career option. A person waste government money and chance for another student to be Engineer and finally select career option which has no connection with his degree.

Aarti’s best friend is Gopal. Gopal loves Aarti. Aarti loves Raghav and Raghav loves his career. Shukla Ji go jail for scam and his party is not supporting him anymore. Gopal and Aarti had sex two times but still Aarti love Raghav. She now loves Gopal also after having sex with him.

Son finally story get filmy here Gopal loves Aarti and now Aarti also loves Gopal. Gopal wants to be fair so he set plot where Aart catch him having sex with two call girls and she start hating Gopal. Gopal use his influence and get a job for Raghav at Dainik. Raghav and Aarti got marry. Gopal got marry his job.

In end of book it’s seems you are reading story of some Hindi movie. There is love triangle heroine is confused between her love soul mate but she got marry to person to whom she love lesser than other one.

I can say it was good read but nothing new like his earlier books. Earlier movies made based on his book but this it seems Book is based on movie.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhay

Friday, 4 November 2011

Letter to PM From Lalkrishna Advani

Dear Weak Prime Minister,

I am very well and hope you are well to in Delhi.

 Khoosh To Bahut HO Ge Tum !! Bina Kisi Mehnat Ke jo Tum Prime Minister Ban Gaye !!

I am doing so much hardwork to become Prime Minister but not getting chance. I am the only person who did so much yatra in his life time. My total hours of experience of Rath Yatra are much more than Krishan and Arjun in Mahabharat.

In our country anything is possible. Jo election ladate hai vo CM bante hai aur Jo nahi ladate vo PM bante hai. You became CM without standing in any election. I failed to be PM despite winning so many times.

Government framed so many policies for Senior Citizen. I am senior citizen and more senior than you but then also you occupy PM sit from last so many years. If you travel in train from Borivali to Churchgate so many times few people get pasted to sit and you are also doing like Train passenger.

I know it’s difficult for you to leave a Sit, which didn’t cost anything to you but I need that sit as I am doing so much hardwork for my Prime Minister dream. I request you to leave my place.

Rath Yatri,

Lalkrishna Advani

Above letter does not have any connection with Real life of Lalkrishna Advani and Prime Minister. Above letter is drafted for entertainment of people. I request not to file any legal suit on me.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Digvijay – Shut up





Digvijay Singh has no limit to speak. Digvijay Singh has no control on his words. He is speaking against BJP, RSS and Anna all time. I doubt that due to his speaking habits soon he will speak against congress also. Digvijay Singh has spoken so much in public that soon people won’t trust any of his words.

My friends use to tell me “Kamal kitana bolata hai yaar”. I am very much confident that I speak less then Digvijay Singh. I always doubt that he is inspired by Rakhi Sawant. Who cares that Anna has been supported by RSS. Anna is fighting against corruption so everyone is free to support Anna.

I request all the people of India let’s go and request RAJNIKANT so he can keep Digvijay Singh mouth shut.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

7th Billion Baby

7th Billiob baby took birth in world.

I am totally confused that we should be Happy to be Sad for this achievement of world.

There are people fighting to claim their Baby on 7th Billion number.

Natural resources are getting short every passing day. There are so many cases of hunger and malnutrition all over world. There are reports that people are killing each other for one time food.

In India Female ratio is getting lower than Male ratio. We are killing girl child. We don’t care about future of Human Being?

Natural resources are very limited in compare of Increasing population. Population is also a natural resource if used properly.

What about unemployment?

What about education?

What about Health?

What about Infrastructure?

There are many issues to be solved to use Human resources and Issues are not so easy to solve so Population is problem.

I am not happy for birth of 7th Billion Baby.

Are you?