Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Yatra For Black Money

Advani Ji is doing Rath Yatra to put pressure on Government to pull black money from swizz accounts. Advani ji is not doing Rath Yatra to prove his claim as PM candidate for 2014. There are news about leadership of BJP after announcement of Advani’s Rath Yatra.

Advani Ji wants to see all Black Money coming back to India but as per Congress they never forwarded a single step in their tenure to get Black Money back in to country.

Government signed a treaty with Swizz that all the transaction done from 2011 will be transparent with Indian government. Swizz is not going to share details of transaction related to pre 2011.

Such a big joke!

If I know that my transaction no more secret to why I am going to deposit money in swizz accounts. There are lot’s of Inflow from Tax heaven to India after Anna’s movement. Advani came too late in row. He was fighting his last election with same manifesto to get the Black Money back to India.

There is no need to go for Yatra Mr.Advani. Please come to Mumbai or any other metro city if India. Real estate prices are 10 time more than 5 years before. Black Money is not going out any more. Black Money is getting converted into white with Real Estate.

In today’s time Real Estate is one of safe place to park Black Money. Black Money is not going to come back with some Yatra. We need 100% political will to get the Black Money. We need strong Real Estate reforms to control Black Money.

Advani Ji should try his luck with government to make strong bill on Real Estate control and Janlokpal than doing Rath Yatra.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

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