Monday, 31 October 2011

The Word Sex

I know writing about Politics is very easy. I know writing about Social Things is very easy but I also know writing about Sex is very difficult in our society. People always try to ignore This word in public places. Sex is part of our culture. KaamSutra was one of the biggest sources of Sex and about knowledge of Sex. We have given KaamSutra to world but even we don’t want to talk about Sex openly.

People don’t want to discuss about Sex with his/her doctor though they are getting trouble due to sex issues in their life. I don’t want that people should speak about their intercourse in public but yes trouble should be shared.

AIDS is biggest diseases due to our ignorance of Sex in public life. We don’t like to speak word P***** or V***** in open. We just want to ignore this topic. We have ignored the East India company and they ruled on us for 200 years. We never learnt anything from such incident.

India is one of fastest growing economy in world so our population. India is 2nd in population in world. We ignore the word SEX so we ignore healthy future of India. We should come in open with the knowledge of Sex. We should share knowledge of Sex with our friends. I know it’ll take another 10years to speak Sex with family.

I recently saw a movie in which son speak with her mother as fun about Condom-Condom. India is society full of cultures and values but don’t we have sculptures of Sex based on Kaamsutra. We should come open with Sex.

We throw an Artist out of India as he had drawn a picture of our Godess as nude. We don’t want to accept truth of Sex, which is source of Life. I am not telling to paint everything nude but yes we should paint something Nude.

India should speak word SEX to make Healthy India.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

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