Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Rahul Gandhi Meeting

One of the Congress MP asked Sarpanch of Anna’s village to come and meet Rahul Gandhi. Sarpanch from Anna’s village went to meet Rahul Gandhi at Delhi but Rahuls denied any invitation to Sarpanch of Anna’s village.

Rahul Gandhi is person who used to go in to rural India and meet farmers over there. Rahul Gandhi spent his night in houses of poor farmers and sleep in their house. I don’t think any of poor people denied him food or shelter for a night. Definitely poor people have big hurt than anyone else in world. Poor people always think about guest.

Rahul Gandhi got lot’s of media coverage through his visits to rural India but it’s sad to see when person from rural India went to meet him. He doesn’t have time to meet them. He has no shelter for them. Rahul Gandhi’s meeting at his own house with poor people from rural India is not going to make any news so he didn’t meet them.

I think his PR agency has done great job as per them but as per aam aadmi it’s PR disaster. PR agency? I saw a ad of Congress leader giving ad on facebook for his website so definitely Rahul Gandhi is also having a PR. Rahul Gandhi’s PR agency is working like bikini girl in cement ad. So it’s time to change PR agency for Cement company and Rahul Gandhi.

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