Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Mig 29

Diwali is one of the biggest Festivals for Hindus. We wear new clothes and eat sweets in diwali. We use crackers to celebrate our Joy. We go to market and purchase fire cracker to celebrate diwali.

In India politicians are using Mig 29 as fire crackers. They celebrate diwali through out diwali. Which is causing death of so many soldiers. Mig 29 is in news from long time due to their accident every now and then.

Russia grounded its MIG 29s in 2009, but we are using Cold War era junk to let our soldier die. MIG 29 is out dated and needs to be grounded immediately. We can not let our soldier die every month for taste round of Mig 29.

Our Politician should understand that Mig29 is unable to pass taste run so it won’t be of any use during war time. There should not be real “Rang De Bashanti” to let Political master realise that please ground the Mig 29 or else your own life will be in danger.

We should come out and protest in open against Mig29 so life of our soldiers can be saved.

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