Monday, 17 October 2011

Letter Reply from Digvijay Singh

Dear Kamal,

I am very much fine here in Delhi but soon you will be in trouble writing so much against Congress. We are going to pass a bill in parliament under which we can control all the written material on any of the website in India including Doing Kamaal You people always write against corruption and think you can take place of Media.

I know Kamal as like me you also want to be in lime light all the time. But for that you have to keep commenting on people who are commenting on congress. I know that you write your blog as your hobby but it looks like you want to be Journalist. Please note that from blogging no one can become Journalist. All Big Editors of big news channels are as diplomatic as politician.

I always talk against people who talk about congress either right or wrong because I get paid for my words. I have been appointed as attention seeker from my party, like you want attention from other people. I am not following any Rakhi Sawant. I never saw Rakhi Ka Sawnvar or Rakhi Ka Insaaf so I don’t copy her.

I’ll always say that people who are against Congress are member of RSS. Please note Rajni never forced me to talk too much. I am a good speaker and therefore I am always used to be in News.

We are not only party, who are fighting election with our Agenda of Sadak, Bijali aur Pani. All parties are fighting election on same issue. You should thank congress that we don’t fight election on basis of cast and state. In last election one party has announced removal of computers from school education so there can be more employment from manual work. I am surprised to see that there were very few comments from people on his view.

I’ll request you to see the development India has done on last few years and we are future of India.

Thanking you.

The End

in reply of letter written by

Doing Kamal,

Kamal Upadhyay

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