Wednesday, 5 October 2011


Burai Pai Achchai Ki Jeet Ka Parva Hai Dashra. In Satyoug Lord Shree Ram killed Ravan due to all his bad works. Ravan was among the biggest knowledgeable person in Brahaman but due to his  wrong attitude he became devil.

Ravan Kidnapped Maa Seeta and went to Lank Puri with her. In search of Maa Seeta, Lord Shree Ram reached to Lank with the help of Banar Sena and killed all devils. The Day Ram Killed Ravan.

We celebrate it as Dashra.

Long time back SaptRishi went to Darshan of Lord Vishnu and that time Jay and Vijay gatekeeper of  Vaikunth Dham prohibited there entry and saptrishi gave Shrap to Jay and Vijay for birth on MrituLok i.e on earth. Jay and Vijay then asked for solution to be free from Shrap and then it was decided that Lord Vishnu will take birth on earth to provide them Moksh.

In Geeta Lord Shree Krishna Has told Jab Jab Ddharm Ka Naash Hoga Aur Adharam Ke jeet Hogi Tab Tab Mai Is Dharti Pe Paap Ka Naash Krne Ke Liye Janm Lunga. Lord Vishnu had taken several Avtaars in Treata Youg, Sat Youg, Dawapar Youg and now KALGI Avtaar for Kalyoug. In all the yougs Lord Vishnu took birth in Brahmin or Kashtriya Family but in kalyoug he will take birth in Harijaan family with womb on 13-14 year old girl. We have heard from our seniors that Kalyoug mai

paap Bahut Badh Gaya hai but I think even the paap has not crossed limit.

Lets' pray Vishnu will take birth soon and provide MOKSH to all of us.

We will again say "Achhi Pe Burai Ki Jeet"

Doing Kamaal,
Kamal Upadhyay

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