Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Anna - Lokpal Bill - Congress

Anna Hazare wrote a letter to Prime Minister long time back for Lokpal bill draft. A daft which is proposed decades ago but never got political will. There was no reply from Prime Minister for his

letter. I have also written many letter to PM but never got reply from him.

Anna announced his fast at Jantar Mantar Delhi to speed up the process and got massive support from people. Government promised all his condition for Lokpal Bill but never full filled any.

When Government failed on promise Anna again started his fast to speed up the process on Lokpal Bill. Government again tried to be serious after number of meeting Anna ended his fast and there was resolution passed in Parliament.

Government is again not serious to speed up the process so Anna has taken his stand.

Anna will campaign against Congress all over India and especially in states going for election. There are many comments from Congress and experts after Anna's comment.

Now people see Anna as political rival but if Congress is not going to pass Lokpal Bill then Anna should try all the best way to pass Lokpal Bill.

Let Anna to make a political party. I am going to wait for him as voting to Anna is better than voting to some other party.

There are chances that as a Political Leader his image will change.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

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