Monday, 19 September 2011

Thackrey and Modi

Modi's fast got the presence of all BJP leaders. Sushama Swaraj to Naydu everyone is talking about Gujarat and development. BJP is yet not made it clear that Modi will be candidate from BJP for PM post. They gave clear message to people that Modi should get ready to work on national level.

Raj Thackrey was unexpected guest at Modi's desk. The presence of Raj with Modi made it very clear that even BJP is looking them as future alliance partner. ShivSena is getting weak in Maharashtra with added number of Senior Thackrey life. Coming year BMC election in Mumbai will clear the power of ShivSena and MNS.

In past also when Raj criticised many leaders of Congress and ShivSena, he praised Modi for his work and development of Gujarat. Raj is thinking for 2014 election in Maharashtra with his party

performance in last assembly election. Raj presence can be demerits for BJP. Raj has played politics on people of UP and Bihar and Nitish is already not happy with Modi.

Raj started speaking hindi so Sena started marathi. Bal Thackrey is not happy with presence of Raj on Modi desk. A cartoon in samana has taken dig on Modi and Narula's fast. Aam aadmi is sleeping hungry and their representatives are doing fast in AC room. Senior Thackrey did his best for Uddhav to lead Sena but Raj is doing his best for collapse of Sena. Every increasing vote of MNS will make Sena down.

2014 will change fortune of many political players. So let's get ready and try our best so you can also get Ticket from Bharat Swabhiman.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

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