Friday, 23 September 2011

Scam - UPA - Congress

Scam is part of UPA2. In history whenever we will talk about UPA2, we will speak about scam and rubber stamp. Our Prime Minister is nothing more than Rubber Stamp, who is useless without Ink.

In last conference with selected media person Manmohan Singh Ji told that as being alliance Government they can't take quick action on alliance partner. People got emotional with our Bechare Prime Minister's statement. We thought that Manmohan is very good person and failed to do action due to coalition dharma.

CWG scam was of few thousand crores. Kalmadi was the lead man of CWG scam.

Kalmadi is alliance partner ?

Adarsh Scam did great with every increasing height of tower. The last and first man is tower was Ashok Chavan.

Ashok Chavan is alliance partner ?

2G is biggest scam in history of scams In India. In starting there were name of alliance partner. Prime Ministers role was always in Question in 2G scam. Now the new development in 2G scam is talking about role of Chidambram.

Chidambram is alliance partner ?

Own ministers of UPA are very much active with their participation in scams. There are very few words from Prime Minister on involvement of his own people. He can't blame coalition dharma for every scam.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

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