Sunday, 18 September 2011

Sadbhavna Mission

Narendra Modi's sadbhavna mission got great start with feedback from people of India and as well as media. Narendra Modi did wrong or no has been solved by supreme court. Narendra Modi fast also has competition with fast of Narula.

Section of people is projecting Narendra Modi as PM candidate for 2014. Narendra Modi has Gujarat as role model to project in front of people of India. Narendra Modi did a great role in development of Gujarat. BJP has yet not declared him as PM candidate.

Congress and alliances are doing all possible act and dialogues to malign image of Modi after Supreme Court decision. Supreme Court has set Modi free but as per Congress and alliances the decision is wrong.

Badnaam Honge To Naam Na Hoga Kya !

Congress and alliances are making Modi popular with their words. No doubt that campaign from Modi's opposition can harm him for vote from Minority vote bank and same time for his post as PM. Narula's fast make it clear that Modi can be biggest harm to Congress in 2014 election.

Alliances of BJP are with Modi but Nitish Kumar neither accept nor reject his view on Modi. If few more BJP alliances will go against Modi then there are chances to drop Modi as PM candidate for 2014. Also let’s not forget politics get change on national level.

Section of Congress also predicted Rahul Gandhi as PM candidate for 2014. If Rahul will fight against Modi then Congress need castrol for extra mileage.

Let's hope a right person will win and we'll get relief from Inflation and Corruption.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

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