Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Narendra Modi

Supreme Court has pronounced the verdict for Narendra Modi on Godhara case. So now NaMo represent BJP on national level. Congress was very keen to condemn the move of NaMo due to his name in Godhra Case. But as Supreme Court have free the NaMo from all the charges of Godhara, he can fight against congress.

NaMo changed the face of Gujarat. From salt to Oil everything is getting produced in Gujarat. NaMo developed Gujarat like no other Chief Minister did their any of 28 states in India.

In last few years Gujarat became Role Model for several other states in India.

In one of the magazine survey people voted NaMo as Dictator. If dictator does such great job then we need more dictator than a government who can't do anything against scam & corruption due to

collision dharma.

There are brigade of core hindus who can't listen a single word against the NaMo. He became Role Model for the Hindus. News channels are continuously campaigning against NaMo either it's Godhara or Fake encounter in Gujarat. NaMo stands for development. When Tata was looking for place to set up Nano Plant after singur clash. NaMo provided place to him with employment to people of Gujarat.

NaMo's Invitation for FDI investment & Investment from other parts of India will make Gujarat Super power states. IT notice to people who took interest in Gujarat published NaMo as Hero & Congress as villain.

NaMo also has been projected as PM post of BJP nomination in past but Godhara was point where BJP didn't come out with proper support towards NaMO. Now BJP can support the NaMo openly.

Congress failed to make Mumbai as shanghai. Let’s hope NaMo will change India and we will cross china.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

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