Wednesday, 14 September 2011

My letter to Sonia Gandhi for Mumbai !

Dear Madam,

I hope you are fine and doing well after your surgery. We missed you a lot when Anna Hazare was doing his fast for JanLokpal. It was so bad that ass being Team Leader you were missing from Team. Our Prime Minister Mr.Rubber Stamp failed to take any quick action on JanLokpal. Hope soon your party will finalized the Draft of JanLokpal so we can get that as law by next decade.

I am missing your visit to Mumbai. You didn’t come to financial capital of India from long time. Don’t fear to Raj Thackrey as he only targets North India Mostly people from UP and Bihar. You came from Italy and now you are resident of India but you don’t belong to UP or Bihar so don’t fear from him and come to Mumbai.

We feel very ignored when we daily catch Mumbai Local in early morning or going to office by Bus. We don’t have Red Light Car so by Road it takes hours to reach our destination of few kilometers. So either make Road good in condition or give me Red Light car. You can ask me why I am writing you letter for such small issue. Please note there are few thousand potholes on highway, BMC and MMRDA not sure about the jurisdiction so let’s Chief Minister to solve the problem.

My local trains are also getting more crowded daily so either speed up some good projects or else you can refer my mail to Raj Thackrey so can send out migrants out of Mumbai. Our Chief Minister listens to you so please forward my letter to him asap.

Don’t worry we don’t fear from recent delhi blast so your government can delay the process the equip our security agencies. I hope Force One will set up properly before Kasab will be hanged. I have taken Insurance policy of good amount so incase of my death due to Terror attack you don’t have to pay compensation from Government pocket.

At the last now the entire world knows that Mr. Prime Minister doesn’t take decision so please look for new candidate for the post. I’ll appreciate reply for my letter.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

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