Thursday, 29 September 2011

Letter to Mumbai Girl

Dear Girls,

I am writing for Girls between 18 to 35. I am agree most of them are not a girl and belong to category of woman.

I born in Bombay and living in Mumbai.

I always use to travel in public transport, I think from my junior college. There are many experience to share about all my journey and travelling in Best buses and Local train of Mumbai.

I don't own any vehicle so even today I am using public transport to travel.

Dear all women travelling through Best bus of Mumbai.

Please note that Buses of Mumbai remains always crowded. We as men don't have reserve sit for our self so many of time we stand on small gallery of bus.

Please note there are so many potholes on roads of Mumbai.

Please note that Bus driver is always used to be in hurry to reach his final destination so many of time he applies urgent break.

You, Girls can ask why I am telling all this to you. So reason is I don't touch you purposely as you always think when my body touch you due to urgent break of driver. I don't touch you purposely as you always think when my body touch you due to potholes on Roads.

Please don't think all boys are there to flirt with you.

Please don't stare me next time after my touch to you as it's not my mistake. Please ask government to run more women buses. Please don't abuse me for touch as you are in not good mood. I know that your boyfriend refused to purchase gift for you. But after yelling on me without my mistake nothing will change.

With lot's of love a boy from Mumbai.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

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