Thursday, 22 September 2011

Judiciary Reform

Judiciary process in India is very time consuming. People fear to file FIR due to long process which consumes time as well as money. In today’s time Judiciary is doing great than any other government sector for e.g Raja, Kanimozhi, etc are in Jail due to our Judiciary.

India is 2nd largest population in world. So number of criminal activities and other issue are much more here. Our Judiciary is over burden with every pilling case on them. For small crime like theft of

few rupees will make you go to court 50times in 10year.

Process of justice is going slow with increasing burden on Judiciary. We need reform to make over Judiciary. There should be justice on time oesophagus else People won't look for court decision which will create more social problems.

Anti Social elements are enjoying the freedom due to increasing pressure on Judiciary. Land grabbing, fraud and scams are biggest beneficiary of slow process of justice. Government is not serious on reforms in sector of Judiciary as it won't help them to win any vote. We need serious changes in field of Judiciary. We need more numbers of court and judges to fast track the Judiciary.

There are fast track courts for few cases but we need a result of all cases in Year. There are cases from 1960 that are waiting for justice. Slow process of Judiciary will lead to more criminal activity as Criminal knows it will take decade to go into Jail.

Let’s hope our Government will think about the same and process of Judiciary will become easy and fast.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

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