Thursday, 15 September 2011

Hockey in India

Indian Hockey Team won Asian Championship. It's great effort from our hockey team who were playing the game without sufficient facilities. Indian Hockey Federation announced cash reward of 25K for each player.

Many people in society are angry that why did players are only getting reward of 25K and Sports Ministers have not done enough work for improvement of Hockey. Hockey is getting compare with cricket. We always cry on same tune whenever Indian Hockey Team won the match.

No doubt government played big role for improvement of cricket. Today people of India are more aware with cricket than Hockey. DD National is showing cricket from very long time, where as same DD National hardly tried to show Hockey Match.

Our National game hockey is trying to breath but it's wrong to compare Cricket and Hockey.

There are big rewards in Cricket because everyone can make money from cricket and IPL is great example for the same. We should compare the bad management of Hockey. Jagmohan Dalimia played a big role for Improvement of cricket where as Hockey is getting managed by Political Masters who are busy with other portfolio.

Cricket is game which can be played in every gully-Corner where as Hockey needs a proper ground to play. Cricket can be played with a ball and piece of wood where as proper ball and hockey stick require to play hockey.

Government should promote game on TV but at same time game should also evolve with people of India. I hope soon game will Improve.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

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