Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Delhi Blast

so there was blast in delhi which leads to life of few people. No one care for death of aam aadmi, There are lots of aam aadmi to get killed in India Our government cares for Tigers as only 1411 left. Human life has no value as population is problem in India. Human life has value only when they can vote. Government need your vote once in 5year so Valuation will come once in 5 year.

Government is not at all serious to control Terrorists activities in India. After 26/11 there were lots of promises for reforms in security but just go and check at CST or Churchgate station most of Metal

detector were not working.

In present condition also our Police Men are walking with stick in hand or one rifle which can not fire a bullet in situation of terror attack.

I have noticed most of the time we Indian used to copy west. But we didn't learn anything from 9/11 which was last Terror attack on USA.

Our Politicle parties are not on same page to make reforms to fight against Terrorism. When a normal person like Anna Hazare starts fighting against system then they say it's against democracy.

Even for people of India now don't care much about the blast. Everyone condemn terror attack but next day is normal for everyone than people who lost there near and dear once.

If our security agencies will find the masters of Terror Attack, then our system will make them alive in AC room with bullet proof wall like Ajamal Kasab and Afzal Guru.

Doing Kamaal,

kamal Upadhyay

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