Friday, 30 September 2011

2nd State

It’s better to be King of hell then being a servant in heaven !!

Every now and then one some political party demand for separate state. The above quote go well with demand of new state as every now and then a political masters want to make one new hell so they can rule the same with their increasing power. Everyone knows about the President but many people don’t know about the Vice President. So Vice president should demand for new Country so he can be president of the same.

There is no point for asking for separate state just to make it hell and being a King. There are no major development have been seen in last three state made by Government of India. Politician just wants to increase their power so they ask for new state. They need more number of constituency to bargain in election hour.

There are demand for Mithlanchal, Purvanchal and the biggest on Telangana.

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