Sunday, 21 August 2011

Congress v/s #Lokpal

Anna Hazare is doing his best to get a right draft of JanLokpal. He needs a draft which has all the laws to pick the culprit.

As per our Government there is no need to add PM in JanLokpal. PM is never involved in any type of corruption. If Government is so sure on PM then why do they fear to add PM in to Lokpal.

Where is Sonia Gandhi? We all know Mr PrimeMinister is just a rubber stamp. Why Sonia Gandhi is not giving any statement on JanLokpal.

Where is stunt man Rahul Gandhi? A person who was so painful due to some issue in UP is disappear when entire nation wants them to speak.

Congress leaders blame Team Anna for corruption and other charges on one hand and on another hand they are doing various deals with Team Anna to settle down.

Congress leaders are hiding behind the curtains on Constitution to pass a draft on JanLokpal. They passed reservation bill of OBC and abolished POTA without and delay.

If you have will then definitely you will get a way. Congress doesn't want to introduce the right draft as there all scams will come in light.

Aam aadmi is on road to support Team Anna. aam aadmi is fedup with one way policy of government.

There should be answer from Gandhis to our Gandhi.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

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