Wednesday, 3 August 2011

BJP & Congress

Let's start with congress. We all know that in last year there were back to back exposure of scam in which member of congress of their allies were involved.

Congress has shown the maturity & fire all the person of party or alliance from there post. No doubt that same congress has taken CBI out of RTI to saveguard their people & coalition partners.

Hammam Mai Sabhi Nange Hai !!

BJP was firing congress for their member or coalition partners involvement in scams. Instead of doing debate in parliament for the issues they didn't allow entire parliament to function in entire full season with loss of people money.

It was time for BJP. Yedurappa's involvement in land grabbing scam came in light. BJP was fighting against corruption but took you turn in case of Yedurappa.

BJP tried to ask for resignation from Yedurappa but his answer was known to people. Jinke Ghar Sheese Ke Hote Hai vo Dusaro Ke Gharo Pai Pathar Nahi Marte Hai !!

BJP lost moral ground to fight against corruption. All the Congress Members were terminated as soon as there name appeared in scam list. BJP also tried to sack Yedurappa but we all know to run a institution there should be central command. Finally they have got success and Yedurappa has given resignation.

BJP has no central command. 2nd generation leaders of BJP wants to be Next candidate for Prime Minister post from BJP.

BJP should evolve him self before firing on congress. I don't certify Congress for any of their good or BAD work.

Those who want to abuse me because I have written against BJP. So listen "Sach Kadva Hota Hai !!"

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

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