Thursday, 11 August 2011

Aarakshan The Reservation

India was country dominated my Kshtriya & Brahmins followed by Lalas & other 2nd line cast people. The Upper class always dominated the poor & never provided them chance for development. British government ruled us up to 1947. British government also removed some of harsh law of old India. England was the first country to amend human rights. They prohibited sati pratha & also tried to remove cast system from society.

When we got the freedom in 1947 our great leader made the provision for reservation in Government jobs & school on basis of cast. Dalit were the last in the cast segment and no doubt they started getting more benefits from reservation.

In school admission cast certificate is more important than marks. If there are two candidates one from the Upper class & one from the lower class then with help of reservation, person from lower class will get admission. What will be level of out come of school where a person got

admission due to his cast not due to his skill & talent.How a doctor who secured degree of Doctor with the help of cast certificate than one who became doctor with his talent,knowledge &

skills. There are sharp mind in lower class also but most of lower class people are taking benefit of reservation.

There should be no reservation in jobs & school. Government should provide all aide & support to lower class people to finish their study with all best possible resources. Let lower class or those who want reservation should have equal chance to present them self than asking

for job on basis of reservation.

The Criteria for job should be knowledge,qualification and skill which will give us cream layer to work for us. In government department people use cast certificate to secure job.

Reservation in jobs leads to low level of competition and low quality out come of work.

One of sad part of India is that reservation is based on cast. on first place there should be no reservation and if government wants to give reservation then it should be on basis of standard of living of poor people.

There are many crorepati who are taking benefits of cast for education and job. When a rich people use cast certificate to secure job or admission on schools then it's miss use of reservation.

India has so many variety of cast and culture. Our political system should think seriously on reservation. Is there anyone who needs reservation in society ? It's sad for India that many of political parties are using cast to secure vote in election. There are no political will to remove reservation from our society.

You can not call a person Dalit or else he can register a complaint against you so my dear friend why do you use Dalit certificate to get government job when you don't like to be get called Dalit.

I am afraid that soon the upper class will demand for reservation in all schools & government jobs.

Praksha Jha’s new movie banned in some of the states due to the bold topic of Aarakshan. Our political masters doesn’t want to show fact to people of India. They fight election mainly on cast.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

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