Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Temple and Treasure

Once upon time in India Kings used to donate lots of Money to Temples to get the blessing from God. Kings spent huge amount of chunk to construct Temples for their respective Gods. People in India always have faith on the God more than anyone else.

In modern era also Temples are having lots of money with them. Some of Temples in India are much Richer than country of Africa. In modern India also people donate money to Trust & Temples to get the blessing and deduction under section 80G.

Religious trusts are one of the biggest sources for dealing in Black Money. Religious Trusts convert Black Money in to White and whit in to Black with certain ration of Commission.

The amount of cash recovered in Putrapathhi is an example, how they deal with cash money. Days are gone when Money from India use to go at Swizz Bank and then come to us as Loan. Now a days all the Black Money in getting invested in to Real Estate and other source s like Temples/ Religious Trust.

Government should come forward with strict rules to control the functioning of Religious trust. I doubt that Government wants to take action against the Trust involved in money laundering as It’ll leads to opposition from Dharm Gurus who have more follower than Politician.

Politician pay the money to people to get followed but Dharm Guru Charge money If you want to follow them so decide who is supreme.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

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