Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Rahul Gandhi Again

Akshay Kumar is back with Khatro Ke Khiladi 4 (Torcher). They have different types of Act which are more dangerous then last season. TRP of show will be all time high as Akshay Kumar him self running with Tiger.

Ok.... You are thinking I gave wrong name to my post. Rahul Gandhi Again - I am talking about Akshay Kumar.

Rakhi Sawant is out of news suddenly. I am sure she will be planning something big for Tamsha of Came back.

Ok....Ok...again You are thinking I gave wrong name to my post. Rahul Gandhi Again - I am talking about Rakhi Sawant.

Rahul Gandhi's timing is very same with timing of Akshay Kumar. I think both have the watch of TATA. TATA's watch can only show correct time as rest are busy with Tihar timing.

Khatron Ke Khiladi2 has been launched when Rahul was doing rounds in UP or vise versa. Show became hit. Rahul got more seats for Congress in UP so Akshay got good TRP. Unfortunately both became inactive after that hit.

Rakhi Sawant is planning for her come back but Rahul did his come back with Bhat-Parasol. He again started his Stunt in UP. He is inspired Akshay Kumar all the time. He run out without informing his security. He runs in Train without planning.

Rahul Gandhi going to walk 40 Kilometer from Bhat-Parasol to Aligarh. He has good pair of Adidas shoes & imported shocks of cotton. Rahul PR agency is very strong. They plan everything with good research.

Rahul Gandhi is going in to UP as in recent past there are news of Rape & Murder. I think he didn't watch TV9 Mumbai.

Farmers are doing suicide. Real Estates prices are going all time high. In Maharashtra Rahul Gandhi can do much better than walking in UP. They hold post in Maharshtra. They Select CM of Maharshtra.

Rahul Gandhi is doing all stunt in UP because Mayavati's government going strong or Congress is going weak with every passing day.

Rahul Gandhi should do some good work for nation than just making people of UP fool.

Let's wait for Rakhi's come bach, Akshay Kumar's Khatro Keep Khiladi5 & Rahul Gandhi in Mumbai.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

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