Monday, 4 July 2011

Murder or Joke

Dheeraj was a executive with one of the production House called Kamaal Creations. He met one south Indian girl few months before. The Girl name was Saria & she wanted to be Actor in bollywood.

Dheeraj & Saria became good friend with time. Dheeraj & Saria had physical relationship in few month. Dheeraj used to be busy with his work. Dheeraj failed to get any assignment for Saria. Saria was with Dheeraj only for chance to act in bollywood.

Saria realised in few month that Dheeraj can't help her to get a role in bollywood. Saria planned the murder of Dheeraj with her Boyfriend Jemile.

One night Saria called Dheeraj to her home to enjoy the night & same time she made plan with Jemile to kill Dheeraj. Dheeraj was with Saria & door bell rang. Saria opened the door. Jemile found Dheeraj in unacceptable condition at her girlfriend house, which was planned by both of them to kill Dheeraj.

Plot was ready. Jemile as being a Navy officer easily took over Dheeraj. They both killed Dheeraj. They cut the his body in pieces.

Dheeraj father reported for missing complaint & Saria also made a missing complaint. Everything was fine but suddenly Police got a clue of murder. Police arrested Saria & later Jemile for murder of Dheeraj.

Police enquiry & evidences supported their view that Jemile & Saria killed Dheeraj. Everything was clear with police eye & case was heading to write direction.

After three year the court pronounced verdict, which shocked entire nation. Lawyer did great Job. Court pronounced their verdict, Murder was not intentional & happened accidentally.

The most macabre murder of decade became a joke.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

All the names and characters are imagination of writer. They don't have any connection with living or dead person.

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