Monday, 18 July 2011

Mumbai Blast

In last week there were blast at three places. The Blast were of Low Intensity and few people got killed.

I am writing about these blast almost after week ?

I am writing a blog so late ?

You must be thinking about above Question.

Blasts are normal for people of India ?

People are there to condemn Blasts to abuse government. Government is there to say next time they won't all such blast: Security agencies will scan things for few days.

Same thing will get repeated after Next BLAST.

Again people will condemn Blast.

Again government will assure for people safety.

Again security agencies will scan few more bags at Railways station and ask bribe for poor commuters, if they are travelling with knife to cut fruits in Train.

Now a days now one take blast seriously. We have adopted blast as part of Life. A blast every month is routine like going to weekend every month.

People are getting killed. People are serious for blast but only for few days.

News Channels have also finished with their sound mixing & editing and they are targeting scam master for TRP as no one Interested in Blast News.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

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