Saturday, 9 July 2011

Movies & A Certificate

"People above the age of 18only can read this post"

Bollywood is growing now with their adult contents & stories. Movies like Delhi Belly did good work despite having A Certificate.

In normal life people daily use many of the Beep words for which movies get A Certificate.

"Gaa*d Phat Gayi" is very common word in people of India. People use it daily in their life without any precaution but the same think is not allowed in Movies.

Adult contains are part of life. We all agree that everyone can't enjoy A Certificate movie with their family but Adult contains are part of life.

In era of mobile where you can easily access Porn Movie in mobile from so many of porn sites. We still file case for name like Munni or Shila.

We are growing but we need a people who easily understand that just singing particular won't change life of person.

Fu*k is so common word between every third line of our talk. We need to accept the fact and let's not say A Certificate movies are valugure.

There are many pending cases in Indian Court so don't file PIL for a song or name to burden Judiciary.

There are should be more creativity on F**k & S**k. We don't need a porn culture but don't we know Red lights are in India, which are illegal & corrupt are making money from hardwork of women. If prostitution will become legal then government can make more revenue than giving butter to corrupt.

We should accept adult contents in our main stream cinema so people can watch what they think.

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