Thursday, 21 July 2011

BJP Kare To RashLeela

BJP Kare To RashLeela & Congress Ko Bole Character Dhila !

"Har Kutte Ka Din Aata Hai" the most famous dialogue people use when someone show them as looser.

Our political party should never forget this line so there won't be trouble in future between them self.

2010 was year of scam. Congress and their alliance members were involve in all the big scam of 2010. 2G,CWG,Adarash were among top in list.

As being political rival of congress BJP didn't leave a single chance to fire on Congress. Instead of debating in parliament about SCAM,corruption,govt they prefer to walk out every time.

BJP didn't allow parliament to function till congress got agree to have JPC but they forgot the most famous proverb "Har Kutte Ka Din Aata Hai"

BJP demanded resignations of every congress man related to scam as showing moral values congress told their nominee of scam master to resign.

Time changed and soon Yedurappa came in scam list for land allotment case. He gave back land to government and BJP was silent on his resignation with giving non sense excuses.

Now Lokayukt has featured his name in mining lease allotment with regularity. BJP is again in defence most & Corrupt leader of other parties are demanding his resignation.

BJP Kare To RashLeela & Congress Ko Bole Character Dhila !

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

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