Thursday, 16 June 2011

Lokpal & Government

People of India fighting with government of India to get the Lokpal

draft approved.

Anna started his fast to put the Lokpal on fast track. When Anna's

campaign got support from people of India then government came to

convince people that we are also on same side to get Lokpal draft


Government didn't gave second chance to Baba to fast & generate

support from people of India.

Government is ready with it's draft of Lokpal. They have made two sets

of Lokpal as education board makes for Question paper. If somehow one

paper will get leak then send the second set of paper.

Government is ready with their draft on Lokpal which gives Lokpal

lot's of power to bark on Corruption & scam master. But Lokpal can

only bark and doesn't has any power to bite.

Government has appointed Digvijay Singh as their show maker to turn

people attention from real issue of Lokpal to anyother issue for e.g.

Baba doesn't know Yoga & you won't get any benefit after following his

Yoga Trip.

Digvijay Singh is speaking like Rakhi who never hold any command on

his words. Kapail & Chidambram also trying to divert people attention

from Lokpal(Scam/Corruption) to RSS.

Let's assume as per Government Anna is mask of RSS,"Does it mean

government has license to allow scam & corruption".

Government can't take any action on Scam master due to Coalition

Dharma and they can't help to get Lokpal due to which their PM has to

reply for scam issues.

Government always claimed that PM is free from every scam issue so why

they fear to have Lokpal draft which gives power to Lokpal &

accountability to PM.

We need a Law under which all Scam Master can be booked & answerable

to people of India.

It's very much clear from government stand on Lokpal that they are

fighting against people on India on Lokpal.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

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