Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Educational System In India

India is talking about cut of percentage you require to get admission

in reputed colleges.

India is country where most of things are based on structure of

colonel era. We have judiciary based on British foundation. We are

influenced more by British People as they ruled us for 200years.

Educational System In India needs a reform so we can change our

education on more practical basis than theoretical basis. Educational

System should have competition but it should be sharp skill of student

than forcing them to suicide.

We have to understand our educational System In 3 level.

Level 1

A talented child do lot's of hardwork to be Doctor or engineer.


An smart (or little more) student do little less hardwork than level1

student to be MBA.


An average (or little less) student to average hardwork to be graduate

in Politics.

In India










There are exception in every cases so don't come with your criticism

on my theory.

We need education system where Level1 should control Level2 & Level2

should control Level3.

If an illiterate person can be CM in India then who is going to be

classifies in Level3 & going to control Level1, Level2 than we need

Educational reform where more talented person should go to Level3.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

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