Friday, 3 June 2011

Congress- Baba - BJP

UPA2 - Ulta Pulta Alliance is unable to fight against corruption due to involvement of their on coalition partners. PM came with excuse "it's difficult to take action against scam master due to coalition Dharma. 2010 was year of scam in history on India. Congress has many big promises to full fill but they are troubling on all the points from Black Money to Inflation. MMS who bailed out India in 1991 with his policies failed to anything on Inflation & scams.

Anna declare his war against corruption and went on fast to get Jan Lokpal draft approved as early as possible. People of India gave a big support to him. Government changed color with mood of people and approved the demands of Anna but haven't full fill anyone due to various reason. Baba Ramdev is next who is going on fast to get all the black Money in to economy. Black Money is burning topic in India but no political parties want to touch that due to their own involvement in that on some or other level.

People of India have lost their faith of UPA2 due to their continuous participation in scam & failure to control corruption & Inflation. BJP ? "Naam to Suna Hoga" BJP is opposition party. BJP should do what Baba & Anna are doing. Team without leader can't do better with good players than a team of worst player can do with a good leader. Big names of BJP wants to be next Captain so the party is going thin omen every level. A strong opposition is not seen anywhere near congress. JPC for 2G scam will come out with reports in next few decades. Aam Aadmi has lot's of force & Aam Aadmi is only giving right direction to force.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

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