Monday, 20 June 2011

Congratulation Mr.Rahul Gandhi

My Best Wishes to you Mr.Rahul Gandhi so finally you are 41. The

Youvraj of congress is ready to take seat of PM. Congress Men are ready

to see you as PM.

It's not only people of India think Present PM is rubber stamp but

congress Men are also sounding same. There is no need of spoon to you

while having lunch as so many chamchas are there in congress.

I don't remember your birthday but you can see lot's of hoarding all

over mumbai spoiling view of Traffic Signals. Please tell your Party

Men to do some work than wasting money on your banners. We are trying

to make Mumbai free from hoardings. We know you can't help us in that

so don't at least spoil.

I don't need any treat from you on your birthday. We need self

dependent India with more growth & development.

Please call of your HoRahaBharatNirman ad from all channels as scam,

corruption & Inflation are all time high so there is no Bharat Nirman.

Let me tell you something " Don't every be PM as opposition will raise

this issue all possible way that you became PM due to your birth as

Gandhi. Be what ever you want and let rubber stamp to handle the PM

post." There are many to be rubber stamp if not then call me.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

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