Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Baba Ramdev against corruption

"Doodh Ka Jalla, Chhas Bhi Phoonk Phoonk Kar Pita HaiAnna" Hazare's fast has made impact on Government. Now government doesn't want to go back on wrong in public. Baba Ramdev made a big impact with his delhi visit. Congress leader came on Air port to learn few tips of Yoga from him. Government has surrender before the fight.

My view on Baba Ramdev fast has gone wrong with Yoga exercise of Congress leader at Air Port.

Baba Ramdev is very much clear with his agenda.

1.Jan Lokpal

2.Fast track court for corruption cases

3.Black Money

4th June 2011 will be day when Baba Ramdev will start his fast.

Isn't it's failure of democracy when a Individual person is getting support from people of India than their own elected representatives.

The way people supported Anna Hazare shows the anger in people against Politicians. Baba Ramdev's fast can be turning point in Indian democracy. If people of India support him like Anna Hazare then soon there won't be need of election and people will select their representatives by campaign than vote.

Baba Ramdev has done his research on Black Money. He is concentrating more on Black Money. Our economy is paying interest on our own money to foreign banks.

High denomination notes should be called back to clear the Black Money from economy of India. Is it practical to call high denomination notes from system ?

Let's be ready for new live fast with no other entertainment around. Democracy is going out of order & Now India need dictatorship.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

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