Thursday, 2 June 2011

Baba Ramdev Against Corruption - II

Baba Ramdev has declared that till government won't accept his demands he won't withdraw his decision for Fast from 4th June 2011. As Baba Ramdev has also launched his political party so people are not in same tune in his support.

Anna Hazare came with simple & plain back ground but Baba Ramdev comes with background of 1,100crore.

Baba Ramdev getting criticism from people before his fast will get start. Media is also helping government against Baba as they are more concerned about Baba Ramdev's BMW car & Chartered Plane. Baba Ramdev is fighting against Corruption & Black Money so people should support him. We should not think about his political agenda behind all these till he is going to help aam aadmi.

Baba Ramdev has done research on all his points before forwarding it to government. He has hired a  agency to get all the points clear before putting it in front of government to take action. We should  support Baba Ramdev. People who are having Rs500 & Rs1000 notes should oppose him.

Government can't take decision to call high denomination note as no political parties can campaign for vote with Rs100 note. Election campaign in India is also a big source & consumption market

of Black Money.

News channels should also support Baba Ramdev till he is doing good for people of India. Some of the news channels are working with foreign money which came through right channels but from source of Black Money so let them oppose.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

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