Sunday, 5 June 2011

Baba at Midnight

On 4th June Baba Ramdev started his fast against corruption & Black Money before that ministers of congress tries their best to convince Baba not to go for Fast. Talk between congress ministers failed with Baba & Baba started his fast on 4th June,2011. The Mela at Ram Leela ground was going well & things where looking in control of system. No doubt Baba's fast was making system out of control.

In the night when mela got over and the india was sleeping. The new mela started "Baba at Midnight". Police came at Ram Leela ground and started beating innocent people supporting Baba Ramdev's stygrah against corruption. "Baba at Midnight" tried his best to keep his Leela alive but police took him in custody & dropped him at Haridwar.

Police has beaten women,men,saint everyone. The movement from Baba side was totally nonviolence but government turned in to violence. "Jawab Mileaga Karrara Jawab Milega" I do remember the dialogue from Praksh Jha's movie. When Baba started more or less his yoga follower were with him. Many of the people were not agree with baba's other demand than Black Money & Corruption.

"Baba at Midnight" Government who produced the show now on back foot. Government did violation of Human Right. I can do Satygrah against anyone I think is wrong. Owners of Black Money are more power full than we think. They have power to change government in one night.

Government feared and took action to beat innocent people. Delhi is now New place to fight for your rights. We live in democracy and can do what we thin is right without giving trouble to anyone.

Doing Kamaal,
Kamal Upadhyay

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