Tuesday, 7 June 2011


You read the title. I was confused that what I should name this post

so selected the 1st word of every related lines of this post. I am

writing blog actively from November-2011 & got many abuse & reply on

my various post.

My blog talks about scam,corruption,Neta & some time social things.

It's not my mistake that Congress is running present government &

ministers of government are involve in scams after scam.

I am sure if Digvijay Singh will read my post then he will say " Kamal

Upadhyay is BRAHMIN so he is right wing of RSS. My answer to Digvijay

Singh " I'll write same if BJP's ministers are involve in scams."

Anna started his movement against corruption. Government thought

people will come in news for few days. They will make some stunt. They

will forget everything in day or two. When government thinks like that

they are not wrong. We forgot 26/11 in year time & voted back to UPA2.

Anna got support from all over India & government surrender in front

of him.

After Super success of Anna's movement. Baba Ramdev came with his

movement against Black Money. Many social people were against Baba

from starting due to reason like

1.They can't see a person will become here due to their support.

2.Neta's are elected representatives of people so let them decide

action against corruption.

Ministers from congress went to meet Baba Ramdev so he can withdraw

his decision for fast. Baba didn't withdraw the support & started

fast. Government has seen the people support to Anna so they didn't

take chance with Baba. In night of 4th June 2011 government did

shameful act. They started used force to throw people out from

RamLeela ground.

When Neta says let elected representatives to decide about law &

amendment they why didn't allow people to protests peacefully.

All the leaders of Congress including PM justified the action on Baba's protest.

Hindi Proverb"Angur Nahi Mile To Khathhe Hai" when congress failed to

convince Baba. They hit back with police & described him as RSS mask &

same post for Anna also.

When Anna started his movement, I told one of my friend "No doubt

there are lot's of scam taking place in Congress tenure but you can

protest against government only because congress is so good with

democracy" but they hit back on Baba & breaker the trust oddly people.

Now a days if you can't do anything in any states then go to Gujarat

so If you are not getting place to protest then use Bapu's weapon in

Bapu's city.

The issue was Corruption & Lokpal but after Baba's movement &

government attack. It became issue of religion.

Doing Kamaal.

Kamal Upadhyay

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