Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Osama ben Laden

Osama ben laden shot dead in pakistan by US. US Navy Seal killed Osama in
40minutes operation. If I have given wrong details so no apology as there are
many news papers across India and World talking whatever they want.


Each & every news channel is asking how Pakistan can deny the charges
that they were not knowing about the hide out of Osama in Pakistan.

The biggest Question from my side, how they didn't come to know about the US
operation. US army took 40minutes to kill Osama & Pakistan army is just
stone thrown away from mansion where Obama was killed. I think US & Osama
both were firing with silent bullets & bomb like Bond movies.

Killing of Osama doesn't end Terrorism? Terrorism comes from mind of people
and not from person. There can be 100 of New Osama till they think Islam is not
getting required respect.

There are people in society who says Osama targeted US because they were
angry on US due to their policies towards Muslims. But why Terrorist came to
India though we have given them safe place like Pakistan.

No one is safe in Pakistan but killer like Kasab is safe in Hindustaan. We
people of Hindustaan always believe in charity. Don't ask me meaning of this
line as I also don't know anything about this and what is the correlation of
this line with the blog.

So let’s go for the firing round.

Isn't same US created & helped person like Osama ?

Isn't the same US giving monitory and army help from so many years to
pakistan ?

Isn't the same US responsible for making violence in many countries ?

Isn't same US promised many things to us after 26/11 and no action taken ?

Politicians of India are busy in money making business then thinking about
issues like Terrorism. I was also watching news continuously to locate if Ram
Gopal Verma went to attack side to look for plot of his next movie.

I am not sure about Osama killing like others but if he killed then RIP
"we believe in charity" & hope it won't be like Tere Bin Laden.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

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