Friday, 27 May 2011

Marriage , Industry and Mumbai

In India is summer is time when maximum marriages take place. All the Shubh Muharat falls in the month of April & May.

In ancient India summer was time for marriages because farmers were ready with food grain of wheat,rice & daal. In modern India marriages are taking place in summer because school & colleges get close & it's vacation time.

What is the link between Marriages and Industries ?

Marriages taking place in UP, Bihar, Orisa and West Bengal makes their impact on all over India. city like Mumbai get short of labour class in month of April and May.

People are there on Road but the Taxi & Auto is not available. Train and buses have less crowed in summer.

Small manufacturing units are unable to produce the goods on time due to city works on shoulder of migrant labours.

We need a system where marriages can take place all over months and rotation of labour won't effect city life.

Labour class is such big issue during marriages because after working so many month in city and far away from their family. They spent their entire 2-3 month patch on vacation in name marriages.

White collar working class take maximum leave of 15days in their own marriage so forget about they will go on leave for more than 10days. Also 1st class labour only enjoy their own marriage after that they won't get chance to enjoy :-)

Let's pray Mansoon will come on time and marriages will get over. Construction work will back to normal. Auto stand have more autos than passenger.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

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