Friday, 13 May 2011

Mamata Didi

DIDI won the big battle. CPM is out of orders due to all it's performance in last 4 decades. Mamata was the pre decided name for winning this election after a long year Bangal can see a new CM other than CPM.

It's time for CPM to think what was wrong in last 4 decades. The function of CPM was like stamp. Which has power to authenticate documents but use less without Ink. Bangal didn't change in last 4 decades where as state like Bihar has shown the growth rate.

DIDI is Rail Minister of India and she opened many new doors for people of Bangal. In last Rail Budget she has launched scheme called Izzat & she got Izzat from people of Bangal. Didi put his entire life to change the sit of Bangal. She is now queen of Bangal for next five years. If everything will be on place then there are no chance of CPM to come back in power so early i.e. Before 10-15 years.

DIDI as Rail Minister has shown the result to Nation and as CM she will definitely change the face of Bangal. I am happy for all my bangali friends and I know they are more happy with win of DIDI.

Doing Kamal,
Kamal Upadhyay

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