Monday, 16 May 2011

Islam & Terrorism

I am not against to the people who don't believe in Non-Violence. My post is against Terrorism & not against Islam.

I have given this declaration in starting as I don't want to hurt the personal values of people who are following Islam.

Osama Ben Laden killed by US in Pakistan, which is now on world map to create terrorism, US can't take any action against Pakistan as he need his bunker safe against China and India 'The Asian Tigers'.

Islam is religion which came with Pagamber Shaheb(I am not sure about this and don't want to google). Islam doesn't talk about of killing of innocent people.

Few Terrorist out fits who are the strong follower of Islam have turned the youth against the world in the name 'Zihaad'. They have done the brain wash on such level that those are joining Islam don't care for life.

Either it's Twins tower of USA or 26/11 of India they sacrificed their

life in the name of Islam.

Islam is among the best religion in the world but few people are turning & twisting it for their personal benefits.

'Majhab Nahi Sikhata Aapas Mai Bair Rakhana' so no religion talks about killing of people no matter the cause & reasons.

I don't know how people who are following Islam became the easiest target for other Terrorist out fits. Follower of Islam have major part & share in Terrorism.

People who follow Islam should support people who are going towards wrong direction and kill people. If we'll get United then no one can change us.

There will 'Aman & Chayan' all over world.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

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