Tuesday, 31 May 2011

2G, Lokpal & Ramdev

Thelka published a news with Involvement of Dayanidhi in 2G case which

is related to Aircel. UPA2 is in trouble again but they can manage as

they are managing from boforce.

UPA2 came with back to back involvement in such big scam but "Rassi

Jal Gayi Bal Nahi Gaya." JanLokpal committee member are not happy

with government draft of JanLokpal.

Petrol prices are going to increase again so UPA2 is sure about their

five year term with any number of scam.

People those who want to make money can join UPA2. A minister job in

UPA2 comes with guarantee of minimum salary of 200crore more than any

CEO in world.

JanLokpal committee members from civil society are not accepting

government draft. Baba Ramdev is also going on fast so I am not sure

people of India bunk their office every time to support fast of every

self proclaimed social worker.

Gandhi has told that every time we can't use Fast as weapon to fight.

We all know Baba Ramdev can manage fast for long time as he is yoga


2G scam will bring more name in light in next few days as Congress

also knows that taking support from dmk will give chance to opposition

to fire on them with corruption issues which can turn vote bank. so

soon some more big name will be announced by CBI (Congress Bureau of

Investigation) about 2G scam.

I always enjoyed one thing in Congress Raj that we can express what we

want but soon government new draft on IT will restrict us giving view

& Lokpal committee is fighting to get PM in area of JanLokpal.

We need one more social worker to have fast so we should give our view

in open public without any fear.

2G, JanLokpal, IT draft, Petrol price all are against aam aadmi but

then also Congress ka haath aam aadmi keep saath.

Doing Kamal,

Kamal Upadhyay

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