Tuesday, 31 May 2011

2G, Lokpal & Ramdev

Thelka published a news with Involvement of Dayanidhi in 2G case which

is related to Aircel. UPA2 is in trouble again but they can manage as

they are managing from boforce.

UPA2 came with back to back involvement in such big scam but "Rassi

Jal Gayi Bal Nahi Gaya." JanLokpal committee member are not happy

with government draft of JanLokpal.

Petrol prices are going to increase again so UPA2 is sure about their

five year term with any number of scam.

People those who want to make money can join UPA2. A minister job in

UPA2 comes with guarantee of minimum salary of 200crore more than any

CEO in world.

JanLokpal committee members from civil society are not accepting

government draft. Baba Ramdev is also going on fast so I am not sure

people of India bunk their office every time to support fast of every

self proclaimed social worker.

Gandhi has told that every time we can't use Fast as weapon to fight.

We all know Baba Ramdev can manage fast for long time as he is yoga


2G scam will bring more name in light in next few days as Congress

also knows that taking support from dmk will give chance to opposition

to fire on them with corruption issues which can turn vote bank. so

soon some more big name will be announced by CBI (Congress Bureau of

Investigation) about 2G scam.

I always enjoyed one thing in Congress Raj that we can express what we

want but soon government new draft on IT will restrict us giving view

& Lokpal committee is fighting to get PM in area of JanLokpal.

We need one more social worker to have fast so we should give our view

in open public without any fear.

2G, JanLokpal, IT draft, Petrol price all are against aam aadmi but

then also Congress ka haath aam aadmi keep saath.

Doing Kamal,

Kamal Upadhyay

Monday, 30 May 2011

Inter cast Marriage and Middle class

India is developing nation. India will become Super Power in 2020.

Barack Obama came to India to make business deal so they can make

money for their economy.

India is making their image on global map but Do we have freedom to get married with our choice. Indian Middle class is even not agree for the Inter Cast marriages.

Even in our society many of the people don't accept Inter Cast marriage. A boy or girl can cast vote after 18years of age but they can't select their life partner.

Honour killing is one of the biggest example of non acceptance of Inter Cast marriages in our society.

Government is also not interested to enter in social life of people as that can lead to big movement of vote bank.

Recent honour killing in Hariyana and Delhi is one of the example to prove that people in government are also on same side in case like honour killing.

"Marriages are made in heaven" only when you get married with you family choice. Upper class & middle upper class has accepted Inter Cast marriage with pride & honour but for middle class even it's like................

Government has also made such a arrangement that without paper work it's not possible to get the registration for marriage.

India will become super power but in cast of Inter Cast marriage we have to go long way. I think after 20year people will accept Inter Cast Marriage.

Society and Pride even these factors are deciding marriages between a boy & girl.

In era where same sex marriage has been accepted by Many countries. We

have yet to accept Inter Cast Marriage in India.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

Sunday, 29 May 2011


After back to back cricket doss IPL4 is over. No doubt that everyone missed the Modi tadka in IPL4. The low turn put of public in semi and final of the IPL4 gave power to Lalit Modi to fire on BCCI and chairman of IPL.

I am just thinking about the owner of Kochhi and Pune Team. They both purchase the team on peak time and paid huge amount to get the franchisee. They will be one who is going to make big losses. There is no panic among all other 8 team owners as they recovered their money from last three edition of IPL.

Some of franchisee owner also told that IPL is not same as it was with Lalit and so the players commented. Warne is person who supported the Lalit Modi openly. He supported very hurely (early). He also announced his exit from all type of games.

We all know Lalit is not coming back to launch the IPL5 and BCCI can’t handle the success. Sad to see such great brand and big entertainment got flop like Saash Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi.

Less TRP, less public on ground and no profit from the game are the points due to which the future of IPL5 is in dark.

Doing Kamaal.

Kamal Upadhyay

Friday, 27 May 2011

Marriage , Industry and Mumbai

In India is summer is time when maximum marriages take place. All the Shubh Muharat falls in the month of April & May.

In ancient India summer was time for marriages because farmers were ready with food grain of wheat,rice & daal. In modern India marriages are taking place in summer because school & colleges get close & it's vacation time.

What is the link between Marriages and Industries ?

Marriages taking place in UP, Bihar, Orisa and West Bengal makes their impact on all over India. city like Mumbai get short of labour class in month of April and May.

People are there on Road but the Taxi & Auto is not available. Train and buses have less crowed in summer.

Small manufacturing units are unable to produce the goods on time due to city works on shoulder of migrant labours.

We need a system where marriages can take place all over months and rotation of labour won't effect city life.

Labour class is such big issue during marriages because after working so many month in city and far away from their family. They spent their entire 2-3 month patch on vacation in name marriages.

White collar working class take maximum leave of 15days in their own marriage so forget about they will go on leave for more than 10days. Also 1st class labour only enjoy their own marriage after that they won't get chance to enjoy :-)

Let's pray Mansoon will come on time and marriages will get over. Construction work will back to normal. Auto stand have more autos than passenger.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Nardendra Modi

The "NaMo" that's what people call Nardendra Modi on twitter. NaMo present Chief Minister of Gujarat leading it from almost decade. NaMo changed the face of Gujarat. From salt to Oil everything is getting produced in Gujarat. NaMo developed Gujarat like no other Chief Minister did their any of 28 states in India.

In last few years Gujarat became Role Model for several other states in India.

Naam hoga to Badnaam bhi honge !

NaMo who came with back ground of VHP burnt his hand in Godhara Kand. Where a train has been burnt and several Muslims were killed post rights. NaMo has yet not got clean chit from agency probing Godhara Kand.

In one of the magazine survey people voted NaMo as Dictator. If dictator does such great job then we need more dictator than a government who can't do anything against scam & corruption due to

collision dharma.

There are brigade of core hindus who can't listen a single word against the NaMo. He became Role Model for the Hindus.

News channels are continuously campaigning against NaMo either it's Godhara or Fake encounter in Gujarat.

NaMo stands for development. When Tata was looking for place to set up Nano Plant after singur clash. NaMo provided place to him with employment to people of Gujarat.

NaMo's Invitation for FDI investment & Investment from other parts of India will make Gujarat Super power states.

IT notice to people who took interest in Gujarat published NaMo as Hero & Congress as villain.

NaMo also has been projected as PM post of BJP nomination but Godhara is point where BJP doesn't come out with proper support towards NaMO.

NaMo will make Gujarat HongKong but don't know about congress dream to make mumbai as shanghai.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

Friday, 20 May 2011


She asked for her bail plea and court rejected the same. She told as being the woman she deserves to get the Bail. So all the women you are free to do scam ? no don’t try this. If you trying then try on your risk. 

“Tihar” The New Corporate Park of India got one more visitor. Now CBI just have to ensure that visitor should be converted to permanent member of Tihar family. People of India are happy to see the development in the 2G cass ? Where is the money ?

“Rs.1,76,000crore” Raja is in jail. Kanimozhi will also reach there but what about the money lost in 2G scam. When we’ll get all the money back in to system. Real Estate prices are touching the peak as all the black money is there to support the financial needs of builders.

Kanimozhi arrest gave the hope to the people of India that 2G scam money will be back in economy.

“Bhagwan ke Ghar Der Hai Andher Nahi”

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

“IPL4” The Great Flop Show

IPL became a big brand in 2008 with it’s launch. Many corporate houses felt very bad as they didn’t purchase a IPL Team. IPL became a brand name with Lalit Modi. In every IPL edition Lalit Modi played vital role. Either it’s South Africa or India he turned all the eyes on IPL.

Success of IPL forced our Neta’s to participate in big mela. When the IPL was on peak at that time Lalit Modi introduced two more teams in IPL 4th edition. His online tweet about Sunand Pushkar shares in Kochhi leads to quarrels between Lalit Modi and Shashi Tharror.

Twitter a platform to communicate the message became a war zone and as we all know in war both side face the loss so in the case of Lalit Modi and Shashi Tharoor. Shashi Tharoor forced to resign from his post of external affair minister post which was pending from long time due to all his controversial tweet. Tharoor resignation came with heat on Lalit Modi and he too suspended from post of commissioner post of IPL. Income Tax department raided premises of IPL and many loop holes and money laundering came in light.

Brand Man Litit Modi took self asylum from India and now living like wegabond. Two new franchises Kochhi & Pune who paid whooping amount to get the franchises now must be thinking about their bad decision to make a business in IPL.

IPL4 TRP is all time low from all their previous edition. Many believe IPL4 didn’t get more takers as it just came after worl cup and IPL4 is over doss of Cricket but as per other IPL4 is missing the Modi Tadka. Same players and same Teams failed to do what Modi did.

Let’s see if IPL5 will take place or not and who will add tadka to that.

Doing Kamaal

Kamal Upadhyay

Monday, 16 May 2011

Islam & Terrorism

I am not against to the people who don't believe in Non-Violence. My post is against Terrorism & not against Islam.

I have given this declaration in starting as I don't want to hurt the personal values of people who are following Islam.

Osama Ben Laden killed by US in Pakistan, which is now on world map to create terrorism, US can't take any action against Pakistan as he need his bunker safe against China and India 'The Asian Tigers'.

Islam is religion which came with Pagamber Shaheb(I am not sure about this and don't want to google). Islam doesn't talk about of killing of innocent people.

Few Terrorist out fits who are the strong follower of Islam have turned the youth against the world in the name 'Zihaad'. They have done the brain wash on such level that those are joining Islam don't care for life.

Either it's Twins tower of USA or 26/11 of India they sacrificed their

life in the name of Islam.

Islam is among the best religion in the world but few people are turning & twisting it for their personal benefits.

'Majhab Nahi Sikhata Aapas Mai Bair Rakhana' so no religion talks about killing of people no matter the cause & reasons.

I don't know how people who are following Islam became the easiest target for other Terrorist out fits. Follower of Islam have major part & share in Terrorism.

People who follow Islam should support people who are going towards wrong direction and kill people. If we'll get United then no one can change us.

There will 'Aman & Chayan' all over world.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

Petrol Prices

Petrol Prices increased by Rs 5. People are making ho-halla for sudden jump in prices. It's not big deal for government to increase prices. Even it's not new for people of India. In past also Petrol Prices have been increased several time from various government.

Increase in onion price can change the government but increase in Petrol Prices can't.

RBI increased their basic landing rates to control inflation so government can't develop more infrastructure facilities for people so they are increasing the Petrol Prices so people stop purchasing Vehicles. I am sure government has been motivated by Ranbir Kapoor's Mobile service proving ad.

If trust on sources the actual petrol price is just around Rs 25 and after taxes,me it's coming for almost three time to people.

Government says to control the losses they have charge taxes on petrol prices & no government can run on losses & loans.

I am just awaiting for announcement of increase in LPG prices as MMS love LPG either it's 1991 or 2007 he has always 2increase LPG.

Government wants to control Inflation but Increase Petrol Prices which will leads to increase on all consumer items directly.

There are also rumors than in coming month there will be further increase of Rs 5 in petrol Prices. It's time to go back to 'Bail Gadi' which will only work on grass but in many areas enter of Bail Gadi is prohibited, but Mama can't catch you on Bail Gadi if you will run away on signal.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

Friday, 13 May 2011

Mamata Didi

DIDI won the big battle. CPM is out of orders due to all it's performance in last 4 decades. Mamata was the pre decided name for winning this election after a long year Bangal can see a new CM other than CPM.

It's time for CPM to think what was wrong in last 4 decades. The function of CPM was like stamp. Which has power to authenticate documents but use less without Ink. Bangal didn't change in last 4 decades where as state like Bihar has shown the growth rate.

DIDI is Rail Minister of India and she opened many new doors for people of Bangal. In last Rail Budget she has launched scheme called Izzat & she got Izzat from people of Bangal. Didi put his entire life to change the sit of Bangal. She is now queen of Bangal for next five years. If everything will be on place then there are no chance of CPM to come back in power so early i.e. Before 10-15 years.

DIDI as Rail Minister has shown the result to Nation and as CM she will definitely change the face of Bangal. I am happy for all my bangali friends and I know they are more happy with win of DIDI.

Doing Kamal,
Kamal Upadhyay

Friday, 6 May 2011

Twitter & Shashi Tharoor

Shashi Tharoor crossed the mark of 10lacs follower on twitter, which shows the growing publicity of Tharoor. "Tharoor" Master of words commanding a very good position with new generations with the help of technology. Tharoor's platform of twitter helping him to reach 10lacs people, Who are reading, reacting and suggesting him on every moment.

ShashiTharoor also getting chance to reply the right answers to media with his Twitter platform. There are continuous comments from him on various news in India and World. I haven't read anything about 2G scam on his time line ? I am one of the luck Person who got reply from him on various issues. Tharoor has power to reach 10lacs people at a single time. His words are getting read by 10lacs people.

I think ShashiTharoor is only politician who is using twitter account very well to reach people. No doubt that twitter is full of with people who only take pledge to abuse people but a good thing is always come with bad things. I am sure Tharoor won't bloke anyone on his time line as it'll take more time so better ignore.

I have written a blog on Tharoor once which was replica of Wikipedia as what I wrote was there before but on that also Tharoor advise me to try something new. I have written many posts & log in to twitter to follow Tharoor and later on started with my old hobby of writing.

I know my total page view of blog is not a 2% of Tharoor's follower but I always learn & react with Tharoor. Wish there will be more active politician should be easily reachable like Tharoor so soon India will grow with much faster rate.

Doing Kamal,

Kamal Upadhyay

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Osama ben Laden

Osama ben laden shot dead in pakistan by US. US Navy Seal killed Osama in
40minutes operation. If I have given wrong details so no apology as there are
many news papers across India and World talking whatever they want.


Each & every news channel is asking how Pakistan can deny the charges
that they were not knowing about the hide out of Osama in Pakistan.

The biggest Question from my side, how they didn't come to know about the US
operation. US army took 40minutes to kill Osama & Pakistan army is just
stone thrown away from mansion where Obama was killed. I think US & Osama
both were firing with silent bullets & bomb like Bond movies.

Killing of Osama doesn't end Terrorism? Terrorism comes from mind of people
and not from person. There can be 100 of New Osama till they think Islam is not
getting required respect.

There are people in society who says Osama targeted US because they were
angry on US due to their policies towards Muslims. But why Terrorist came to
India though we have given them safe place like Pakistan.

No one is safe in Pakistan but killer like Kasab is safe in Hindustaan. We
people of Hindustaan always believe in charity. Don't ask me meaning of this
line as I also don't know anything about this and what is the correlation of
this line with the blog.

So let’s go for the firing round.

Isn't same US created & helped person like Osama ?

Isn't the same US giving monitory and army help from so many years to
pakistan ?

Isn't the same US responsible for making violence in many countries ?

Isn't same US promised many things to us after 26/11 and no action taken ?

Politicians of India are busy in money making business then thinking about
issues like Terrorism. I was also watching news continuously to locate if Ram
Gopal Verma went to attack side to look for plot of his next movie.

I am not sure about Osama killing like others but if he killed then RIP
"we believe in charity" & hope it won't be like Tere Bin Laden.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay