Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Ulta Pulta Alliance 2

Ulta Pulta Alliance 2 is not able to do any correct thing on place. The captain of Ulta Pulta Alliance 2 is also not capable to do anything. A Selected leader can’t perform like an elected leader.

India is a country of more than 1Billion people. The strange part of our country & new channels "If Cricket Team of India loss one match then people of India and Media will ask to change the Team, Replace the Captain but continuous failure of Ulta Pulta Alliance 2 never makes any differences on them."

When 26/11 took place it was clear failure of Government. We spent Thousands of crores every year to purchase Arms and Ammunition. We have one of the largest Army in world. We have so many intelligence agency on place but then to few people from Pakistan came and hijacked Mumbai for 48 hours. The sad part Ulta Pulta Alliance won the parliament election and started Series 2.

I have noticed other than Ram Gopal Verma every one made part two after success of Part1. Many of the times Part2 failed to perform like Part1. It's very difficult to assess the Box office collection of Ulta Pulta Alliance Part1 as 2G has taken birth in that time only. Only Ramu and Soniag made part to despite the poor performance of Part I.

Ulta Pulta Alliance is daily coming out with a new scam involving their own ministers directly or Indirectly. There are many incidents which clearly Indicates the poor box office collection of Ulta Pulta Alliance 2. People of India have no issues with failure of Ulta Pulta Alliance 2 as they only get affected when Cricket Team of India lost match.

2G scam helped India to get International presence on Globe. People all over world know about our style of Business. We ask for money to do our duties.

My boss daily asks me for my work report of day. He only wants list of completed task and list of failed task with excuse list which should not have any excuse.

Excuse doesn't work ! Our Prime Minister should learn this from me. Ulta Pulta Alliance 2 failed on various field so he came out with Excuse that there can't not be hard action due to coalition government.

Sir No Excuse. You are running a Country and not sales team so some bank which comes with excuses for low sales in quarter.

I am very sad for me for people of India for whom Cricket Match matters more than growth of them self and country.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

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